Workforce Development

Society pays a high price for failing to nurture children from poor backgrounds beginning at an early age. Children who are left to stumble in unlicensed and unaccredited facilities with high turnover and low-skilled providers are among those least likely to thrive once they reach school age. They more easily become locked into cycles of poverty and disadvantage. Breaking such cycles is critical, and the plan to train residents of the Clinton-Peabody complex is an excellent starting point.
— The Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post Dispatch

LUME Early Childhood Apprenticeship

Currently, early learning centers lack efficient and time-sensitive methods to attract, prepare, and retain high quality educators.  We need to elevate the profession of early childhood education. Educators need to experience satisfaction and success in the field, and commit to a career in early childhood. If we want to change society, we need to change the way our youngest children are taught.

LUME Institute is addressing the turnover epidemic through a partnership with SLATE (St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment) and by preparing early childhood educators through workforce development and service delivery. Click HERE to view the current press release on this partnership. If you are interested in the apprenticeship, click here to access information through SLATE.  For additional information please call 314-469-9805

I have been an educator for 24 years, and this is the first time I am learning about the social and emotional development in children.
— Danella, CDA Candidate

I have worked with kids previously, but I never knew the importance of the emotional well-being of children and educators. I never established partnerships with the families I worked with previously. This program is teaching me to go above and beyond what I know and to step outside of my comfort zone.
— Mioshi, CDA Candidate



LUME Institute is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) approved vendor in Missouri. Click here to access SLATE's Career Center.