Preschool Expulsion

LUME CEO Steve Zwolak spoke with Don Marsh on St. Louis Public Radio (KWMU 90.7) on October 20 to discuss the epidemic of preschool expulsions. 

This study is from the Center for Family Policy & Research at the University of Missouri

Click HERE to listen to the interview. 

What are the solutions?

  1. Teacher training
    “We have to provide more sustainable professional development for teachers,” Zwolak said. “Children are walking into their classrooms with something called ‘adverse childhood experiences,’ things that have been passed down for generations and it manifests itself in behaviors. They have long-terms health impacts. Teachers need to understand what the experiences are.”
  2. Language development
    Zwolak referenced the “30 Million Word Gap,” a well-documented study that showed by three years of age, there was a gap of 30 million words between children in the wealthiest and poorest families. 
  3. Working with parents
     “If we help teachers grow to another level of understanding about these concepts, that they can do therapeutic triage in the classroom, and work with parents because parents trust teachers. Early childhood teachers have to reclaim the field of early childhood.”