Early Childhood Ed. and Our Future Workforce

A Nine Network Special Programs Presentation: Quality Early Childhood Education: A Solution for our Future Workforce

LUME CEO Steve Zwolak lead a 20-minute presentation followed by questions and answers about the importance of high quality early childhood education, its impact on our economy and community, and what business leaders can do to create change. 

Steve Zwolak's presentation was followed by a panel discussion with a live (studio and social media) audience. Watch the video below to view this engaging presentation. 

What Can You Do? A call to action...

  • View quality early childhood education as the infrastructure for academic and career success
  • Invest in quality early childhood education programs 
  • Build the next generation together

Do you want to learn more? Interested in sharing this 20 minute presentation with your colleagues? Call LUME's Director of Business Development, Doug Rasmussen at 314-469-9805 ext. 134 or email drasmussen@lumeinstitute,org.