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Welcome and thank you for joining the conversation about the importance of quality early childhood in St. Louis. 

Director of Business Development, Doug Rasmussen 

Director of Business Development, Doug Rasmussen 

Join us! If you are visiting this page as a local community or business leader, you probably already know that early childhood is important to you. You might have a story similar to my own.

In early 2015, I left my role as senior vice president of St. Louis Economic Development Partnership's Business Development Division to join LUME Institute as the Director of Business Development. I am also an entrepreneur and small business owner in the music industry. 

It's precisely my experience as an economic developer and small business owner that has led me to work for LUME Institute - an innovator in the early childhood field. As the son of an early childhood educator, I am 100 percent convinced that my resilience and drive is a direct result of my high quality early learning environment as a child. I know I would not have had the level of personal and professional success that I have been fortunate to enjoy to this point without a high quality early learning experience. 

And I know that quality early childhood isn't just about guaranteeing individual success, its about success as a community, as a region, as a country, and as a citizen in the global community.  Countless prominent institutions and researchers have proven that quality early childhood education is a critical component to talent development and workforce development — and so it is also a critical component of St. Louis’ global competitiveness. Just as in rebuilding an interstate, upgrading our airport, or building a new river port, the flow of commerce is as dependent upon people, their talents and their productivity as it is on real estate development and physical infrastructure. I truly believe if we can get early childhood right in the St. Louis region, a lot of the other issues we struggle with as a community (slow economic growth, poverty, crime, and gaps in our skilled workforce) will vastly improve. 

This improvement will not be automatic or overnight, and it needs your involvement. My role will be to engage with you as a business person and key stakeholder in the St. Louis community. Together we will drive this innovative transformation to invest in our region’s people infrastructure.  

I look forward to hearing from you, 

Doug Rasmussen
Director of Business Development