What does it mean to be a good teacher for a child?

  What is a good teacher? 

A good teacher…

  • Has the ability and the willingness to search for “self"
  • Begins to understand the “WHY.” Why do I want to work with children? What is it that drives me to wake-up and face the challenges of working with young children?
  • Knows that early childhood education is a journey of understanding
  • Begins to see the mirror images that children reflect on their own life

In the classroom…a good teacher…

  • Listens to children
  • Encourages children to think and create, which engages learning
  • Learns about children from the inside out
  • Allows the children take the lead
  • Engages in face-to-face simple genuine encounters with every child everyday

What helps you to be a good teacher in the classroom and partner with young children and their families? 

Post by Steve Zwolak