Why work with LUME?

A testimonial from a participant who completed 24 hours of coursework with LUME Institute. 

Everyone doesn’t have to sit during group time. I was always interrupting the story to tell kids to straighten up. Now I can just relax and enjoy the story with kids . . . I have been letting go and letting kids choose in art. Surprisingly it is not more chaotic. I have less discipline issues and it’s not messy at all! I didn’t realize until I did the class that I was a control freak.
— Capric Harris, LUME Alum

LUME Institute evolved from the values, philosophy, and methodologies embodied by our lab school University City Children's Center (UCCC), a non-profit, early childhood education center that for over 45 years has served as a transformative model of quality early care and education. Since 2008, LUME has been serving educators, families, and the community in eight eastern Missouri counties.

LUME's VISION is that all children are prepared for life. We believe the power to change society lies in changing the way young children are taught. LUME's MISSION is to transform the way families, educators, and communities inspire young children to learn, grow, and thrive. 

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