Young Children and Halloween

Join Ms. Peaches on STL Moms to learn more about how Halloween is an opportunity for parents to help children grow. 

What can parents do to use Halloween as a tool?

  • Give children the choice of costume. Do you want to be Spiderman or Batman? Spiderman, why do you like Spiderman so much?
  • Help them understand that they are pretending to be the character. ”You are you even when you are wearing the mask but isn’t it fun to pretend to be Spiderman” This is where they learn true personal power and self-control.
  • Express safety concerns. Explain appropriate times to wear the mask. When we are crossing the street, you need to take your mask off.”
  • Be reflective. Am I hovering too much? Am I giving too much freedom? Each parent has their own comfort level.

The Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood published an article on Halloween and young children. Please take a moment to download and read Halloween: An Opportunity for Growth.