LUME Highlights

Over the past 12 months LUME has experienced growth, new partnerships, and moments we want to celebrate with our community. Below are highlights from 2017-2018: 

School to Prison Pipeline Prezi Cover.JPG
Vroom Logo.png
  1. With the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund, LUME co-hosted a School to Prison Pipeline Symposium focusing on the importance of early childhood education.
  2. Four LUME teachers were honored with the “Teacher of the Year” award thanks to the generosity of the Kemp Foundation. They were given paid time off, a stipend, and coaching to support them with special classroom projects.
  3. LUME completed five key hires (Dir. of Business Operations, Dir. of Strategic Fundraising, Dir. of Strategic Marketing and Engagement, Workforce Development Project Manager, Program Evaluation Coordinator, and Curriculum Writer).
  4. LUME partnered with Vroom, a national movement to empower children and families with brain building moments.

  5. LUME was selected to participate in Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child’s Innovation in Action Workshop.

  6. LUME’s Department of Labor registered apprenticeship for unemployed and underemployed workers started two cohorts (the complete program is 2 years/4,000 hours).