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LUME Foundations Course: Group One

The research is in. Emotional development is the foundation for learning and future success! At LUME, we know teachers who are attuned to themselves are better able to attune to the children in their care, enabling them to respond to and connect with children in a new and deeper way. Through the LUME Foundation Course educators will discover new ways to support the emotional and social development of their children.

The LUME Foundations Course has a proven track record and research to support the difference this training makes for teachers and children.  In fact, a study conducted by University of Missouri St. Louis showed that educators in this course reported:

- 74% reduced power struggles with children

- 84% reduced isolation and expulsion of children

- 100% found ways to foster the emotional development of children

Through the LUME Foundations Course you will:

- Gain a renewed sense of purpose in teaching and learning with children and families

- Understand children and their behaviors in a whole new way, to make a real difference in their lives.

- Discover strategies that will deepen your practice and expand your ability to identify and respond to challenges in the workplace.

- Join a supportive learning community of educators who are committed to improving the way we nurture children.

Course Dates

We are offering the LUME Foundations on four Saturday sessions with one hour for lunch, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. as follows:
Group 1: January 5, February 9, March 2 and April 13, 2019

Earlier Event: November 13
Later Event: January 12
LUME Foundations Course: Group Two