Photo by Jeffrey Pomranka

Photo by Jeffrey Pomranka

Why choose LUME?

 LUME Institute’s leadership has a combined 75 years of experience in all aspects of early childhood education and community building. The leadership has a proven track record of growing new organizations, organizational turn-around, supporting and growing early childhood educators from the inside out. You know that LUME offers training and development in a premiere model of early childhood education. You should choose LUME if:

• You are an educator looking for more meaning in your work with young children. 
• Your organization is in need of a richer early childhood experience for the children and families you serve.
• You want to offer a results-driven, effective early childhood program in your school, business, or neighborhood which will positively affect the lives of the children.

What is LUME's affiliation with University City Children's Center? LUME Institute evolved from the values, philosophy, and methodologies embodied by University City Children’s Center, a non-profit, early childhood education center that serves as a transformative model of quality early care and education in a diversified environment. For 40-years, University City Children’s Center has supported the development of children, families, and teachers. This holistic focus has helped to build a strong, connected community that is dedicated to raising healthy, resilient, and values-driven children.

Will my organization be able to maintain our unique culture? A primary objective of LUME Institute is that clients must maintain their culture.  We bring our services and programs building on the strengths of an existing culture.  In fact, it is imperative that a client (individual or organization) combine their cultural understanding and  their experience with the LUME Institute to create the fullest experience for themselves.

How do I get started as a LUME client? The are many options to get started. Please call Angela Spittal at 314.469.9805, complete the contact page on the web site, or email

What is the fee structure? The fee structure is designed in accordance to the magnitude of the project. There are several variables, which are discussed in the initial conversation that are directly related to the scope and cost of the program, service or project.