The LUME Approach Foundations Course

The LUME Approach has impacted my life not only in my classroom, but also with my own teenagers and in my adult relationships as well. Because of this training, I am more aware of my emotions and the reasons I respond the way I do. It has taught me to do my best to bring my presence into the classroom, to be the emotional partner children need.
— Early Childhood Educator, Caroline Maury
  Photo by  Kelly K. Wright

The LUME Approach Foundations Course is designed to help educators understand the emotional development of the children in their care, enabling them to respond and connect with children in a new and deeper way. The research is in. Emotional development is the foundation for learning and future success. While other courses claim to focus on “social-emotional development,” their main focus is classroom management and social skills.  This course is different.  Our goal is to help teachers understand children from the inside out. We take it a step further and ask teachers to understand their own emotional development.  We find that teachers who are attuned to themselves are better able to attune to children in their care. Our purpose is to reclaim the field of early childhood by taking cutting edge research and using it to empower teachers to meet the emotional needs of children more effectively. To learn more and sign-up for a cohort visit the links below: 

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