Date TBD: Wonder and Critical Thinking

Date TBD: Wonder and Critical Thinking


Workshop Location: University City Children’s Center
6646 Vernon Avenue
University City, MO 63130

Childhood is a time of wonder. In children, it often manifests as an enthusiastic “wanting to know!” Why is wonder important? What does it have to do with learning? How do we as teachers support or diminish wonder in the classroom? In the second half of the class, we will explore the difference between thinking and critical thinking. At what age do children become critical thinkers? Through videos and classroom discussion, discover how children’s minds develop and how you can nurture wonder and critical thinking in young children.

Limited Educator Scholarships Available: All interested individuals should contact Genetta Robinson, Administrative Assistant at or 314-469-9805 ext.250.

Course Related Questions: Contact Laurie McKenney, LUME Implementation Specialist at University City Children’s Center, or 314-726-0148 ext. 152

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