Past News 


10.02.18 Preparing your child for transitions throughout the day

09.04.18 Celebrating the importance of grandparents in a child’s life

08.09.18 How we can teach children resilience

07.03.18 The importance of family rituals in a child’s development

6.5 Mr. Z on KPLR: Teaching children the value of failing and trying again
5.17 Operation Food Search to Host Summer Meals Kickoff
5.1 Mr. Z on KPLR: How to support your infant's mental health 
4.3 Mr. Z on KPLR: How parents can help young children cope with new baby sibling
3.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: Why nature is important in the development of a child
2.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: Why love is important in a child’s early development
1.17 Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio: How and when to help children understand people’s differences effectively
1.2 Mr. Z on KPLR: Teaching your children to understand, appreciate diversity

11.30 People in Business from the St. Louis Post Dispatch
11.7 Mr. Z on KPLR: Teaching children the value of compassion this holiday season
10.26 Growing a Community Through a Teaching Apprenticeship
10.12 People in Business from the St. Louis Post Dispatch
8.15 Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio: 3 ways to help your child successfully transition into preschool and kindergarten
6.6 Mr. Z on KPLR: Investing in Early Childhood Education
5.24 Stephen Zwolak and Tamar Jacobson join "St. Louis on the Air" host Don Marsh to talk about early childhood education. Early childhood education experts highlight the importance of emotional development and play
4.4 Amy von der Heydt on KPLR: Studies show therapy dogs help child’s emotional development
2.14 Mr. Z on KPLR: Expert discusses ways to encourage love during early childhood
2.21 St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed: Lack of investment in our youngest residents is a problem
1.3 Ms. Peaches on KPLR: Getting your kids back into a routine after holiday break

12.6.2016 Mr. Z on KPLR: Children learn gratitude, empathy by mimicking their parents
11.28.2016 St. Louis Public Radio: Raising the stakes for early childhood education; apprenticeships look to professionalize the field
9.13.2016 Mr. Z on KSDK: Caring relationships lead to early academic success
9.6.2016 Mr. Z on KPLR: How do parents understand the difference between a child’s needs and wants? 
8.11.2016 Partner News: Building ‘a new paradigm in early childhood education'
8.3.2016  Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio KWMU: The importance of recognizing mental health disorders during early childhood development                               
8.2.2016 Mr. Z on KPLR: Early childhood and mental health                                                                      
5.3.2016 Mr. Z on STL Moms: How to handle a misbehaving child
5.2.2016 YouthBridge Awards Grant to LUME Institute’s ElevatED Venture
4.28.2016 St. Louis Public Radio: Apprenticeship pilot program to train child care workers in St. Louis
4.6.2016 Equity Factor: Public Housing Jobs Program Is Springboard to “Big Goals”
4.5.2016 Mr. Z on KPLR: Literacy Begins at Birth
3.23.2016 St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed: Training child care workers can help break cycle of poverty
3.21.2016 St. Louis Post Dispatch: Can a St. Louis housing complex help solve a shortage of trained child-care workers?
3.18.2016 The St. Louis American: New program pays people to train as early childhood teachers
3.17.2016  Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship in partnership with SLATE
1.3.2016 St. Louis Post Dispatch Op-Ed: Change the Face of Missouri 

Speaking Engagements

1.26.2015 The Keys to Character in Early Childhood Education hosted by CharacterPlus
4.28.2015 Quality Early Childhood Education: A Solution for our Future Workforce hosted by the Nine Network and American Graduate St. Louis

11.3.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Mr. Z warns us of increase in preschool expulsion 
10.27.2015 Mr. Z. in The Nation: New Study Questions the Value of Universal Pre-K
10.20.2015 Mr. Z on St. Louis Public Radio KWMU: Expelled in Preschool - where do kids go from there?
10.6.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to deal with biting and young children 
9.1.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to manage temper tantrums
8.4.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to prepare children for the first day of school
7.15.2016 Mr. Z on KPLR: Helping children handle troubling news from around the world
7.7.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Tips for handling temper tantrums 
4.7.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Mr. Z talks transitioning into Parenthood
3.4.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Getting children ready to read as soon as possible 
2.3.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: How to prepare kids for Kindergarten 
1.6.2015 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Why routines are important for children

11.24.2014 Mr. Z in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: As the grand jury decides, SLU doctor urges parents: don't take kids to protests
11.13.2014 Mr. Z on the Nine Network's Stay Tuned discussing child well-being
11.10.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Next generation discipline in early childhood development
10.7.2014 Mr. Z on KPLR 11: Raising kind kids, executive functioning
9.25.2014 Mr. Z. on Nine Network’s Stay Tuned – Early Childhood
8.25.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Getting families back to normal after the Ferguson crisis
8.24.2014 Mr. Z. on Fox 2: Talking to kids about the Ferguson crisis
8.21.2014 Mr. Z. on St. Louis Public Radio: How can teachers talk to their students about Ferguson?
8.7.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Mr. Z. on selecting the right preschool for your children
7.29.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Achieving the balance between work and family
7.1.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Summertime fun with Mr. Z.
6.3.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: STLMoms: Steve Zwolak says, “Let kids be bored in the summer.”
5.6.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: The messiness of early childhood
4.1.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Challenges of early childhood years
3.4.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Key social-emotional skills for children
2.4.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: The wonders of play dough
1.6.2014 Mr. Z. on KPLR 11: Helping children meet the challenges of 2014