Program Evaluation Manager at LUME

Job Title: Program Evaluation Manager

Location: LUME Institute
6646 Vernon Avenue St. Louis, MO 63130

Job Information:
LUME Institute is seeking a Program Evaluation Manager to work in our University City office. This position will help assess and refine our ongoing programs. The successful candidate will help us collect, analyze and apply data to our daily operations, both to increase client satisfaction and retention as well as to improve our fundraising potential. We're looking for an analytical professional who thrives on the opportunity to review and compile data, and we need someone who can provide recommendations based on his or her evaluation of the data collected. Your ability to operate data collection and analytical software combined with your head for numbers will help you succeed in this position. Through research and program evaluation, the Program Evaluation Manager will support the growth of our LUME professional development, parenting education, and other programs and the success of our clients. 

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Assess the impact of the organization’s existing programs; recommend programmatic and operational improvements, where appropriate
  • Steward and cultivate relationships with outside evaluation and other partners 
  • Partner with our leadership team to determine which program areas warrant outside evaluation and what can be accomplished through internal data analysis
  • Ensure the accuracy of data messaging
  • Cultivate and maintain a library of relevant program data that is up-to-date
  • Help to manage transparent, standardized and easily accessible systems for capturing, integrating and distributing data across the organization, to include ongoing efforts through a preferred database system 
  • Review data for inconsistencies or anomalies that could skew analysis
  • Maintain databases and conduct routine maintenance as needed to ensure data integrity
  • Provide individual leaders with access to essential data sets
  • Streamline data collection and analysis procedures to ensure fast access to metrics
  • Communicate with leaders about data changes or requirements
  • Generate and review documentation for all database changes or refinements
  • Make recommendations for software, hardware and data storage upgrades
  • Support relevant research and analysis on an as-needed basis

Skills and Attributes:

  • Bachelors Degree in a relevant field of study such as Social Sciences, Education or related field, Master’s degree is preferred
  • Experience in data management and analysis
  • Demonstrated disciplined, structured and data driven approach to decision making and problem solving with a sharp focus on metrics, outcomes and results
  • Experience in quantitative research design and program evaluation preferred
  • Previous experience in an educational environment is preferred
  • Understanding of child care licensing and regulations is a plus
  • Experience designing and implementing surveys
  • Excellent organizational skills with great attention to detail
  • Ability to extrapolate conclusions from large data sets
  • Ability to work independently and work well with other members of our organizations
  • Ability to meet deadlines and support projects and staff

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Application Process
To apply, submit a resume with a cover letter to