Early Childhood Education Coach for VIQI Project

Job Title: Early Childhood Education Coach

Job Information: Do you want to make a difference in early childhood classrooms? Do you want to be part of a new, exciting, national research study, the VIQI (Variations in Implementation of Quality Interventions) Project? As part of the VIQI national research study, LUME is seeking two qualified individuals to serve as coaches.

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Coaches will help support classroom teachers in their delivery of Creative Curriculum, a research-based early childhood curriculum that is designed to improve the school readiness of three- and four-year-old children being served in mixed-age community-based child care and Head Start centers.  Coaches will play a vital role in the project’s success, both supporting teachers in using the curricular approach in their classrooms as well as assisting with data collection for the study.  

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Participating in training on the assigned curriculum and coaching teachers for approximately 9 months, beginning before the start of the school year
  2. Becoming an expert on the assigned curriculum model as a result of being a part of these training sessions
  3. Coaching teachers in their use of an assigned curriculum, using practice-based coaching techniques, including observations of the classroom, providing teachers with constructive feedback and the opportunity to discuss curriculum implementation and associated classroom issues
  4. Working with teachers to explain curricular content, concepts and instructional processes, and planning for, modeling and co-teaching lessons
  5. Monitoring how well teachers adhere to the core principles of the curricular approach using an online data entry system weekly (“coach logs”) and completing fidelity observations at three time points

The position will begin in July/August 2018 and end in May 2019 with typical breaks for holidays and will be about 60-70% FTE depending on the classroom caseload (roughly 8 classrooms across 2-4 centers), with the possibility that the position will be extended for additional years of the project, depending upon availability of funding. For the full job description click HERE

How to submit a resume: Cover letters and resumes should be sent to hr@lumeinstitute.org by June 18, 2018.