Early Childhood Education Consulting

The following services would be available to clients who have engaged LUME to advise and assist in the start-up or reengineering of a child development center.

Demographic Data constitutes assessment of demographic data for program development.

Needs Assessment and Feasibility Studies involve conducting a comprehensive study of the financial, community, and economic feasibility and sustainability of the project.

Programming Consultation involves assessing the program including environment, practices, philosophy, and implementation.

Facility Design provides expertise on best practices and questions such as flow, adjacencies, and ramifications of licensing, accreditation, Head Start, and Early Head Start compliance.

Financial Package consists of financial oversight of the operation, system, and format for monthly financial reporting and preparation of operational and fixed-asset budgets.

Human Resource Services include recruiting, interviewing, and assessing key personnel including Executive Director, Program Director, Office Manager, Early Childhood Mental Health Professional, and Infant-Toddler Coordinator utilizing the CMA screening process.

Operational System provides Program Model – Curriculum (LUME Spheres of Understanding) and Policy and Procedure Manuals.

Guide and Support Licensing and Accreditation Process trains staff in overviews and understanding, assists in interpreting guidelines and guides staff in transferring guidelines to practice.

Guide Fundraising Services will focus on finding operational –not capital– funding, predominantly in the public arena, including coaching on developing donors.

Guide and Assist in Developing Partners includes, but is not limited to, program, strategic, and service partners.

Program Assessment teaches systems set up for measurement tools utilizing UCCC standardized tools.

Marketing assists Center in open houses and other awareness tools to attract families, in addition to supporting the website development and promotional brochures.

Guide IT Decisions suggests software to manage the business of running a center.

On-Going Operational Assistance includes, but is not limited to, on-going professional development, family education, outcomes assessment, and coursework package.

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