We believe the power to change society lies in changing the way young children are taught.

For Families 

Looking to connect with other families and nurture relationships with your children? Click here to explore services that will deepen your understanding of child development, foster relationships within and among families, share innovative practices and ideas, and connect you to other supports. 

For Early Educators 

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90 percent of a child's brain architecture is developed before the age of five. As an early educator you are shaping and influencing the young children in our community. Register for innovative professional development courses and learn about programs that can support you, the children in your care, and their families.  


For the Community

As a community we can start a movement for change by investing in our young children. Learn about the current landscape of early childhood, why investing early is important, and how quality early childhood programs impact our future workforce and community. By working together, we can create an equitable environment for our children. 

The Problem 

A Solution 

We transform the way families, educators, and the community inspire young children to learn, grow, and thrive.